Frans Verpoorten


Frans Verpoorten in the alley next to his house, 2016. (Photographer: Melle Knol)

Frans Verpoorten was born in Haarlem on January 25, 1949 .

He grew up on a sailing ship, which his artist father used as a studio.


Graphic School Haarlem – Haarlem

1970 Free Academy – The Hague

Course Fotovakschool – The Hague

1971 Film and Edit course – Berlin

Frans verpoorten Photographed for magazines such as ‘Hitweek’ (1969) ,’Popfoto’ ,‘Music Express’,

‘Muziekkrant Oor’ and many other newspapers and magazines such as ,‘Libelle’ , ‘Margiet’, ‘Revu’, ‘Panorama’,

‘kijk’, ‘Kinderen en ouders van nu’, etc.

1994 TV work at ‘Endemol’ among other things. Editorial office, research and Item Management Agency.

2002 Course ‘Final Cut Pro’.

2002 DVD editing with ‘DVD Pro’ at Toolbar Hilversum.

2002 – Present: produce ‘DVDs’ for institutions and companies.

Mick Jagger and Frans Verpoorten

Frans Verpoorten meets Mick Jagger at Hamburg, 1970. (Photographer: Laurens van Houten)